February 4, 2023

2 teens notice cute girl in backseat of a car but then she turns to them and mouths “Help me”.

Sometimes, we just have days where the unexpected happens. That’s what happened to these two teenagers who ended up saving a life.

The pair in question is Jamal Harris and Aaron Arias. Aaron and Jamal were just normal teenagers picking up a friend from work.

While there, however, something caught their attention. They were at a red light on a road in Seagoville when another car pulled up to them.

The sight of a cute girl in the backseat caught their attention.

2 teens notice cute girl in backseat of a car but then she turns to them and mouths "Help me".

Naturally, the two exchanged thoughts of “She’s kinda cute,” until the atmosphere of “Something’s not right” began to set in.

The girl looked scared, and in the driver’s seat was a man who didn’t seem too pleased with the attention she was drawing.

The man in the driver’s seat looked back at them suspiciously. Then Jamal read the girl’s lips.

She was mouthing “Help me.”
Now, the two realized this wasn’t a joke. They had little time to process things before the car started driving off.

The girl began pounding on the rear window, clearly desperate and frantic.
That was all the cue the boys needed. Someone was in mortal danger, and no one else was around to do anything. Their friend at work could wait.

Aaron called the police and described what they’d just seen. It was clear they were witnessing a kidnapping.

Then the teens began tailing the car for the next half hour. Eventually, the driver realized he was being followed.

The driver was stepping on it and cornering abruptly, trying to shake them off. Aaron described in detail :

“They’d move around a lot, and sometimes they would go really, really fast to where we can barely see them. And then we’d catch up and then they would go super slow.”

This suspect knew he wasn’t getting away.
But Aaron and Jamal weren’t too worried. In fact, Jamal said:

“I was beyond excited because I knew someone was gonna stop them.”

And someone did. The police eventually showed up.

Watching the sight of justice being served was delightful to the young boys.
They rejoiced and took comfort in seeing the police pull the suspect out of the car.

Learn more about the heart-pounding story in the video below!
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