December 2, 2022

61 Year-Old Florida Man Leaves Family To Marry 18 Year-Old Goddaughter

Since their engagement became public, a 61-year-old man and his 18-year-old wife have been the talk of the town. Michael Haugabook married his now-wife Deja Haugabook in September, which sparked anger since not only is she considerably younger than him, but he also apparently dated her mother. Haugabook has been around her entire childhood and is also her godfather.

When the newlyweds noticed the negative feedback, they responded on social media. In the comments section of The Neighborhood Talk’s piece, Haugabook accused opponents of being en*iou*. “It appears that I’m the only n***a in this area who has wedded a young woman, but since it’s me, they’ve got something to speak about,” he wrote.


“It appears that you young girls are envious of my wife, but continue supporting us.” “I adore it.” The new Mrs Haugabook also had harsh comments for people who opposed her marriage. “People often refer to me as a child since I’m 18,” she posted on Facebook. “First and foremost, I’ve matured asf. I care for all four of my children, work full-time, have all of my cars paid for, and stay at home with my partner.”


She added in another post that she does not care how nobody feels. This is my life, and my husband and are going to live it to the utmost.” The bride is mi**reat*d, and the internet has even asked child services to intervene and investigate. One guy tweeted, “Deja Haugabook is owed pity.” “She should be spared the awful comments since she is a vi*ti*, even if she is unaware of it.”

I don’t particularly appreciate how people drag her instead of empathizing with her. I’m hoping that @MyFLFamilies would look into what appears to be molestation by Michael Haugabook.” People started questioning Deja’s Parent(s) involvement in all of this, and there is a video of her mother admitting that she lost her daughter when she was very young due to dr** mi**se.

His age has also been challenging to ascertain. Many social media posts indicate he is in his forties or 61 years old. Incredibly, the people involved believe this is normal! We hope Deja receives the assistance she requires.

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