November 29, 2022

Actress LisaRaye McCoy Claims Sister Da Brat Does Not Have The Right To Get Pregnant & Not Tell Her

A new stage in Da Brat’s life as a rapper and reality star is beginning. After years of leading a covert existence, Da Brat is suddenly permitted to openly and publicly adore her wife and lover, Judy Jesseca Dupart. While everyone has praised and applauded their union,

there has been some conflict between Da Brat and her sister LisaRaye McCoy over it since LisaRaye feels like Some of Da Brat’s decisions have been made without her input. Da Brat and LisaRaye have always had a close relationship. The sisters have achieved success in their

own fields while navigating the entertainment industry as a team. However, as per to Cocktails with Queens episode that aired in 2020, the sisters had broken off their conversation. In addition to feeling out of the loop regarding her sister’s life, LisaRaye admitted to being surprised by

her sister’s decision to come out as a lesbian without first consulting McCoy. Da Brat admitted that she believed her big sister could be overly critical and that she wanted to take a chance without first talking to her big sister. In the end, the brothers and sisters got along,

and McCoy went to Brat and Judy’s wedding on February 22 of this year. She was shown in a cutaway during the preview for their forthcoming season, totally behind her sister. LisaRaye thought her sister should have talked to her before announcing to everyone that she and

Judy would be trying for a child together. Judy asserted that Brat shouldn’t have to ask her sister about anything in her life while defending her wife. Regarding Brat’s attempt to conceive,

McCoy informs Judy, “I wasn’t told anything.” Dupart responds, “If she wants to become pregnant and not inform you, she has a right to do that,” but McCoy snaps back, “No.”

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