December 2, 2022

Actress Taraji P. Henson Called Out Michael Ealy For Having Extreme Bad Body Odor And Smelling Ripe On Set Of ‘Think Like A Man’

Yesterday Michael Ealy was trending on Twitter simply because lady still love him. The star has always been considered a heartthrob, with numerous flocking to see his movies for his good looks. Although, a not so far Kelly Clarkson interview opened up.

that one lady was not too happy to get up close and private with Ealy. Why did Taraji P. Henson tell Michael did not s’mell too good during their time s’hooting “Think Like a Man 2?” Michael Ealy stopped by the Kelly Clarkson opened up to plug his Hulu series Reasonable Doubt.

While there, he revealed about the time Henson said to him he was “ripe” during a s’exy scene together. “It was truly hard to be romantic later that!” he laughed. As per Ealy, the scene required him to be shirtless, so he did over 250 push-ups to get the blood flowing and pump up his chest.

Somehow, it also made him sweaty, something that came out Taraji off. He revealed, even more, expressing his love for Henson but describing how becoming a father around that time had made it tough for him to work out and ready for the scene in question. “So Taraji, who I love immensely,

we’re from the same hometown,” he tells. “One of the coolest people you ever encounter and the most talented people you will ever meet. We are doing a role in Think Like a Man Too, and I just had a children. I didn’t get a chance to truly like work out or ready for this character and things.”

Ealy and Henson starred in 2012’s “Think Like a Man,” where they played Dominic and Lauren. Their roles were christened “The Dreamer” and “The Woman Who is Her Own Man.” The couple have to go via various attempts to figure out if love is for them,

adding the above-addressed s`ex scene. The movie was accepted well enough that it scored a sequel in 2014. It was related on Steve Harvey’s book of the exact name.

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