November 29, 2022

Actress Tia Mowry Officially Serves Husband Cory Hardrict With Divorce Papers, Days After He…

Fans of Tia Mowry continued to hold out hope that she and her husband may get back together even after she announced their divorce at the beginning of the month. Cory has made indications here and there that he will fight for his family no matter what,

while Tia has been eager to make the most of her alone time. It appears Tia is formally moving forward with the divorce after a few weeks to sort things out, despite not explicitly indicating that reconciliation was off the table.

What transpired between Tia and Cory is still a mystery. To protect themselves and their children, the couple has kept everything very quiet. Tia was the first to break the news of the separation on social media in a detailed post.

In spite of this, he eventually responded by posting loving emojis beneath her posts about her new life and book. In videos, Tia has been busy promoting her newfound independence by self-reflecting, burning sage, and even going herself to Disneyland.

The love you all have shown me over the past week has been so uplifting and humbling. I’m really appreciative of all of you, she addressed the crowd. Cory has been quite active In promoting All American: Homecoming’s most recent season.

Tia did not rule out a reconciliation when TMZ caught up with her in Los Angeles; she only stated that her priorities were the kids and her recovery. She appears to be making progress with her preparations to leave Cory, though.

Tia is prepared to move on and has recruited experienced divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, who most recently represented Dr. Dre and Kim Kardashian in their divorces. She has refused to pay Cory any spousal support and is asking for equal legal and physical custody.

Since he spends the most of his social media time promoting shows, Cory hasn’t spoken anything. A few weeks ago, he did respond to a fan’s message to disprove any claims that he was lying. Tia, though, continues to press on.

You appear happy since you decided to let people lose you rather than pleading with them to pick you, she wrote in a post she shared on her Instagram account today.

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