March 21, 2023

Actress Tia Mowry Reunites With Estranged Husband, Cory Hardrict Mid Divorce Wearing Wedding Ring…

Tia Mowry and her estranged spouse Cory Hardrict stayed true to their promise to spend the holidays together. Later, telling TMZ that she did not plan on keeping their family apart for the holidays, she took to Instagram with a series of cutest snaps.

that showcase the loving parents of two together for Christmas. When Tia Mowry announced decision to leave Cory Hardrict in October, numerous fans were devastated. The couple looked so happy to some, while others felt like there was some clear displacement in energy between Cory and Tia.

based on past interviews and body language. Many assumed the break up was due to something negative and even accused Cory of cheating or abusing his wife financially. Despite few subtle comments here and there, they mostly kept stuffs positive.

Tia went on embracing her new life while Cory maintained he loved his family and targeted on his career. Hope for reconciliation was dashed when Tia officially did an interview declaring their split a “graduation” and divulged her decisions to move full steam ahead with the separation.

We got some updates last week about ongoing court proceedings and how Cory had some issues with the divorce filing, questioning that any amendments to their prenup be left out of the case. Whatever is going on at the back of the scenes,

Tia and Cory reunited for their kids in some Christmas images shared on their profiles. “Family will ALWAYS be Family. Merry Christmas from our family to yours,” Tia told in her post. Cory’s told, “Merry Christmas.”Eagle-eyed fans noted what appears to be a wedding ring on Tia’s finger and believe she perhaps taking him back. Others pointed out that she never stopped wearing her ring and that it might not mean anything that she is wearing it in the photos.

I know we should mind our work, but you know we are over here hoping for reconciliation. Merry Christmas to ya’ll,” said one fan. Another told, “Why do people keep telling get back together? Let them enjoy this Holiday in peace…This lady has been glowing and glad.”

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