December 2, 2022

Adisas Required To Pay Ye To Use ‘Yeezy’ Design After All, Despite Company Removing Name From Shoe…

Adidas has moved on after their dispute with Kanye West. After his latest comments on social media, the footwear giant eventually severed ties with him, which was a big mistake. They are attempting to move forward with a rebrand at this point.

They still hold the rights to all of his designs, but they no longer have the Yeezy cosign or emblem. According to TMZ, despite the company’s announcement that Kanye would no longer get compensation, contractual obligations may require them to pay.

the former spokesperson some money. The significant loss the company suffered as a result of West will be attempted to be recovered by newly recruited Adidas Chief Executive Officer Bjorn Gulden as soon as he assumes his position in January.

Adidas is taking a big chance by reintroducing these sneakers to the market. The business had already come under fire for its protracted separation from Kanye West. His remarks against Jews and the association of the business with Nazi Germany did not bode well for them.

Additionally, some believe it ought to be unlawful for them to continue to be the owner of Kanye’s sneaker design even after letting him go. Many people expressed their displeasure on Twitter about the new Yeezy line, which will only include the Adidas badge and not the Yeezy brand.

So you’re still going to sell product ideas from someone “anti-semitic,” a user tagged Adidas in a comment. It is not love. While this is going on, resellers are attempting to sell off their remaining inventory by using any and all available media to attract customers.

Because of everything going on, don’t assume they’ll be selling for less. Stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and even Goodwill are turning away the footwear while resellers are increasing and even triple the prices. One person uploaded a picture of a Goodwill document telling their employees not to accept any donated Yeezy clothing on Twitter with the caption,

“Goodwill is rejecting Yeezy’s and will not sell them at any of its locations.” Adidas asserts that West won’t receive any money from their rebrand, and some people think there may be a contract provision that allows for a breach due to conduct like West’s hate speech.

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