December 2, 2022

After 19 Years Of Marriage A Husband Discovered That His Wife Was A Man – Video

A Belgian spouse has talked of his ‘horror later learning his wife of 19 years used to be a man. The duped 64-year-old – named just as of Jan – told he had ‘no idea his bride had been born a boy. The s’hocking disclosure just emerged.

later almost two decades of wedding when a cousin from his wife’s native Indonesia finally revealed the truth. Jan told how he encounter ‘Monica’ in 1993 when she came in his home town of Antwerp as an au-pair to his sister’s kid.

He explained as her ‘very pretty and feminine’ – but told he now understood why she was ‘no good at ironing.Jan said Belgium’s Nieuwsblad daily paper: ‘My second wedding was on the rocks at the time and we suddenly fell in love.

‘I wonder she was an attractive lady, and she was all Lady – she had no male traits. ‘She was 27 years old at the time, so I questioned her if she wanted kid. ‘I was happy when she told she didn’t as I was 44 year old and already had 2 of my own.

Over the years she told she was taking the pill, and even while love I never marked anything, nevertheless now I get why she always used a lubricant, which is supposed to normal among tra*se*uals.‘She was always a good mom to my kids, and also a fantastic cook,

nevertheless we weren’t that great at cleaning and ironing – and now I familiar why!’ But Jan told the connection had begun to su*fer over the past two years as she insisted on staying out late on her own wearing ‘very disclosing outfits’

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