January 29, 2023

Alabama Woman Arr-ested After Being Captured On VIDEO Throwing Computer Monitor At A Miami Airport Gate Agent

Tuesday saw the de*ention of an Alabama woman after she was seen on camera tossing a computer monitor at an American Airlines gate attendant in an attempt to locate her missing “churrin” A statement from the Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD)

that was provided to PEOPLE states that Birmingham resident Camilia McMillie, 25, was passing through Miami on her way from Alabama to New York City. According to reports, McMillie “got upset and started to shout” when she realized her two young


children had apparently walked off to use the bathrooms nearby while she was with the gate attendant to check in for her flight that had been rebooked after she missed her first one.

Injuring the equipment and countertop area, she dragged the boarding pass reader off the wooden co’unter, according to the MDPD press release. She then gr*bbed the computer display and tossed it at the gate agent, hi*ting her in the shoulder as she sc*eamed more.

A video of the event, which was first published by the Instagram account Only in Dade, was obtained by CBS Miami and shows McMillie tossing the monitor.

According to a complaint from the MDPD, McMillie was de*ained by CBP agents after the in’cident as they waited for Miami-Dade P’olice officers, who ultimately brought her Into cu*tody.

McMillie was ac*used with ag*ravated vi*lence, c*iminal mi schief, and disorderly behaviour in addition to other of*ences. According to the story, McMillie was checking in at the gate after missing an earlier flight;

the family was flying from Birmingham to New York City with a connecting in Miami. American Airlines promised to collaborate extensively with law authorities on the inquiry in a statement. According to the police, McMillie’s actions cost the airline more than $10,000 in property damage.

As of Wednesday afternoon, she was being held in a Miami-Dade County jail on a $4,500 bond, according to the p*ison log. It is unknown if McMillie has retained a la’wyer who can represent her. The gate agent who was involved “received bru;isi’ng to her shoulder,”

according to the MDPD. In a statement to PEOPLE, American Airlines also expressed their condemnation for the occurrence and their commitment to “operating cooperatively with law authorities in their investigation.”

American Airlines does not accept vi*lence towards any of our team members, the statement said. Our team member is in our thoughts, and we are making sure they get the support they require at this time.

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