February 5, 2023

Alan Jackson’s Grandbaby Enjoys 1st Christmas — He Got Emotional After Realizing He’d Be A Grandpa.

Alan Jackson became a first-time grandfather on December 13, 2022, when his daughter Alexandra “Ali” Jackson and her spouse welcomed a newborn boy.

The joyful grandfather announced on Instagram on December 16, 2022, that he and his wife, Denise Jackson, will be celebrating their wedding anniversary with the newest member of the Jackson family.

With their new grandson Jackson Alvie Bradshaw, Denise and he are enjoying their 43rd wedding anniversary, Alan wrote with a picture of himself, Denise, and their newborn granddaughter.

This Christmas baby enjoyed his first holiday season with adoring family members. Mattie Jackson, Alan’s eldest daughter, posted images of the 1-week-old baby Jack on social media.

The brunette beauty told her Instagram fans a “Merry Christmas,” adding, couldn’t have had a nicer day with her two #1 boys, referring to her fiance and Jack, her baby nephew.

Two of the photos showed the baby deep sleeping, while the third showed him being fed by his aunt Mattie, who cheerfully smiled at the camera while holding him.


Alan treasures being a grandfather, despite being diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, a degenerative neurological disorder. He was diagnosed with it a century ago.

The country singer’s movement has been hampered by his physical condition, which has rendered him unable to walk. Alan spoke openly about his health problem in an interview in 2021.

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The dad of three said that he had a “neuropathy and neurological condition” acquired from his dad. “There is no cure,” he said.

The Georgia native claimed that his illness worsened with each performance and that he frequently battles on stage as he loses his equilibrium. He even has issues with the microphone.

CMT, while affecting the peripheral nervous system, is not fatal. It won’t kill him, the songwriter admitted. Even while it cannot be healed, it can be managed via supportive therapy.

Denise, his lovely wife whom he met in high school, has been at his side throughout it all. They’ve been married for nearly four decades, and she says they depend on each other most of the time.

Likewise, her renowned husband has stated that he wants to leave a legacy of his music, which he regards as the “most essential thing.” Denise once stated that if he is no longer involved with music, their future grandchildren will be able to comprehend him.

Because to Alexandra, the pair is now grandparents to one kid, who will grow up listening to grandpa Alan’s music. Alexandra and her spouse Sam will marry in July 2020 before beginning a family.

Mattie, her elder sister, greeted the newlyweds on Instagram, writing a lengthy post about the wedding day and posting a number of photos from the event.

Alan, a joyful father, revealed on social media in July 2022 that his second daughter Alexandra was expecting her first baby, adding that he couldn’t wait for the baby to arrive.

Alan shared a black-and-white photo of him and Alexandra on her wedding day, doing the father-and-daughter dance.

Another photo showed her and her husband, Sam, standing with their arms around each other as she held her expanding baby belly.

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