November 29, 2022

Angela & Vanessa Simmons Mourn The Loss Of Their Grandmother In Heart Posts

Losing a loved ones is always one of the most hard stuff anyone can go via, but losing someone during the holiday season can be also a most painful. It’s been a hard 2 years for entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast Angela Simmons,

who lost the dad of her currently 3-year-old son in November of 2018. Taking to her Instagram page with painful post, Simmons mourned the quick loss of her grandmother June. “I can’t wonder I’m even typing this. Grandma..I miss you already,”

she wrote in the text caption. Fellow Simmons siblings Vanessa and JoJo also recall their grandmother on social media, sharing the same messages of disbelief and grief following her d’eath. June was the mom, of Vanessa,

Angela and JoJo’s mom Valerie, who is also the former-wife of Joseph “Rev Run” Simmons. We send our thoughts and prayers, condolences and comfort to the Simmons family during this hard time. A user wrote: I can understand your pain losing a loved one is not easy.

but all I want to say is there is no option then accepting this grief. Because one day we all have to leave this earth everything is set and planned by our God. May God give you all strength to recover from this devastating loss.

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