January 29, 2023

Apple Watts launches New GoFundMe Campaign, Claims Sister Stole her Money

Apple Watts is on the way to get well after a lo’sing her life prior this year. The reality television celeb had num’erous fans concern for many months, as many reports gave various views on her health is’sues.

Unfortunately for her, she has able to pull via and will be return to herself all of a su’dden.

Meanwhile, Watts is began to sort via the fundraiser created in her respect to medication in her health is’sues, and it seemed she has not get few of the funds. Apple Watts looked like to wonder her sister is at back of the mis’sing mula.

Apple Watts was a role member on Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood and also visited on the show’s fifth and sixth seasons. Watts appear from problem started with a dr*g-ad’dic’tion mom and not available dad.

Much of her life in the series focused around her trying to discover her dad and growing her 3 kids,

Richard, Kali, and Miyaki. Apple told one of her kid’s dada was increase at the time of the other was accept with a sp’er’m donor while a phase when she was not have any men.

LHHH also visited her getting rolled up in a competition between A1 and RoccStar, who two pursued her for feature at the time when she was trying to become in music industry . She was suddenly gets instructed by rapper Yo-Yo prior leaving the show.

At the time of Apple was in the hospital, her sister made a GoFundMe to provide help to her make some finacial help for what would not knowing be a far tough road back to get healthy.

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