November 29, 2022

Aries Spears Condemns R. Kelly for Preying On Children: R. Kelly Is Where He Should Be

Kelly is now receiving icy jus’tice for his years of cri’minal activity. Many people are expressing their opinions as news sources give information of the most recent gu*lty verdict the disgraced singer obtained in the Chicago trial. Aries Spears is one such person

who is presently engaged in le’gal conflicts of his own. He was seen cri’ticizing Kelly for his behaviour with children in another segment of his recent VLAD TV interview. Aries Spears, a comedian from Chicago, was completely open about his thoughts on the “Ignition” singer’s

activities and the continuing le’gal dispute. Spears claims that the ca’se ag’ainst R. Kelly is unavoidably vic’torious due to overwhelming evidence. The comic added, You saw this guy on camera. He also mentioned the age bracket that the disgraced artist was said to have vi*lated.

Aries Spears then addressed the public’s belief that well-known individuals are “immune” to “sick” acts. He makes the distinction between being a celebrity and being a regular person.

However, the only thing that distinguishes celebrities from average people is their access to money and the ability to conceal it. R. Kelly, according to Aries Spears, is where he should be if all the allegations ag’ainst him are true. He continued by discussing

those admirers who have a talent for “protecting” the guilty due to the influence of their art on their lives. Spears queries whether the fans’ thoughts are focused on the young and elderly women who are a part of their own families or who are close to them. We can all “Step In The Name Of Love,” but,”

Aries Spears exclaimed. Aries Spears, however, discusses the ability to distinguish between the cri’minal and the artist. He thought back to a previous post featuring R. Kelly performing his 1994 hit song “Bump n’ Grind” a cappella. Spears claims that despite his behaviour being unacceptable,

his talent is “amazing.” Aries Spears once took part in a MAD TV sketch where he played the role of R. Kelly. The comedian made fun of his supposed offences at the time in a spoof music video for the song “The World’s Greatest.”

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