December 2, 2022

Black Adam vs Thor Teased After Dwayne Johnson Shares A Parody, Fans Say “There’s No Way You Can Beat Thor”

After Dwayne Johnson replied to a parody video of his DC character Black Adam knocking on the doors of Marvel’s Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth. This has ignited speculations, as some see it as a tease. While other fans are discussing how a fight between the two superheroes would go down.

Just recently, The Rock made his debut in the DCEU. His movie was released on 20th October to a thunderous start. Currently, it is reigning in the box office charts and has made $159 million worldwide. The film also includes a cameo of Henry Cavill’s Superman.

Though it was supposed to be a secret, the end credits scene that contained the spoiler was leaked online. Meanwhile, Dwayne Johnson has also talked about wanting to pair up with other DC superheroes like Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and so on. Now, it seems like The Rock would be up for Black Adam vs Thor as well.


Dwayne Johnson retweeted a hilarious video in which his Black Adam goes to Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. He even tagged the Avengers: Endgame actor in it. Netizens immediately took to the comment section to react to the possibility of watching the two superheroes fight.

“Seriously though, a Marvel DC crossover with Thor and Black Adam, would kick a**. I know it would never happen, but a nerd can dream,” one fan said.

Another said, “I’m sorry the rock there’s no way you can beat Thor on Earth.”

“You guys have GOT to do a movie together like a buddy cop movie or something,” one suggested.

A fourth noted, “Strongest mcu character vs strongest dceu character.”

“Since you were the one who got Henry back as Superman, I think you could also get a Marvel x DC crossover to happen,” one user wrote.

Though it hardly seems plausible that fans would get to see a Marvel vs DC crossover soon. But whom do you think would win between Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam?

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