December 2, 2022

Brian McKnight Reveals He And His Wife Are Expecting Rainbow Baby

On the 53-year-olds, Instagram the first nine uploads are combined to form an image of McKnight kissing his wife’s growing tummy. The “Crazy Love” singer uploaded more images of himself and Mendoza after the artistic collage.

He said on the three pictures, We are thrilled to officially announce BABY MCKNIGHT is coming shortly. To my lovely wife, you are everything to me. You are my Inspiration and the reason I live. Mrs. McKnight shared the news on her own account and made a small change.

to the endearing caption that appeared on her husband’s photos. Our baby is the most blessed child since you are his father, according to my rock, the ideal husband and parent. I will always love you, Boopy. The hashtags used on the couple’s social media posts.

indicate that the child is a rainbow baby. For pregnancies following a miscarriage, infant loss, stillbirth, or neonatal death, the term “rainbow baby” is used. The McKnights revealed Leilani had passed away in a post they published in May. Kekoa Matteo was their son.

I appreciate this photo since it was the final one we took as a family before the birth of our son Kekoa Matteo. Observing an ultrasound for the first time, sensing Kekoa move and dance as I caressed your tummy, holding your hand as you gave delivery,

witnessing his first breath, cutting his umbilical cord, loving him, singing to our son, and ultimately witnessing his final breath while on your cKekoa. When the tragic news was released, rumours of McKnight’s children from relationships other than his marriage to Leilani quickly propagated on social media.

I find it absurd that people will accept anything as true. It was crucial to inform you all and clear up any confusion. These youngsters aren’t 12, they’re 30 and 27. It’s time for men to act like men, and while I’m sorry that tough love must be delivered in this manner, I do wish them the best. He stated that my daughter was a part of this family, along with Jack, Julia, Leilani, and myself.

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