December 2, 2022

Cardi B Files Paperwork To Seize Tasha K’s Property & Bank Accounts: While Blogger Remains In Africa

In her fight for justice, Cardi B is not giving up. Throughout her career, the hip-hop/pop diva has been the target of numerous rumours and fabrications, but YouTube blogger Tasha K was the one who truly irritated Cardi. Tasha claimed some very graphic and

false things about the Bronx rapper in a series of videos that she shared with her million subscribers. This caused her a great deal of trauma. Cardi B responded with a complaint, alleging Tasha K of fabricating stories that had a negative impact on her mental health and occasionally


left her contemplating suicide due to the speed at which other websites would publish them. Tasha subsequently confessed to creating up stories about Cardi in exchange for cash and clickbait, and she was made to compensate Cardi with $2.5 million in damages and $1.3 million in legal costs.

Additionally, they demanded that Tasha K remove any and all videos from her Youtube channel that were defamatory or spread any lies about Cardi. Tasha K has not paid since her attorneys are attempting to submit an appeal, which they are “sure” will succeed.

Tasha K has taken a trip to Africa in the interim, despite widespread accusations that she is evading justice by leaving the country. With her most recent video, which was posted last week, the blogger also carries on her online criticism of the rapper. But Cardi has a back-up plan,

and she hinted last week that there would be serious repercussions if Tasha didn’t pay. Tasha’s accounts are already being garnished, and Cardi has already amassed $3 million in her assets. The motion, which was submitted on Friday, states: “Cardi ordered Chase

and its employees to keep all of Tasha’s property, money, wages, and other assets, including commodities in safe deposit boxes or comparable property. According to reports,

Tasha is arguing with the judge in court once more and asking them to postpone till her appeal is over. She also filed a countersuit, claiming that she has been receiving online death threats from admirers.

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