November 28, 2022

Chicago Rapper Tilla’s 7 Yr-Old Daughter Jaslyn Fatally S.h.o.t at McDonalds After He Pee’d On Opps Grave! (Vid)

A Chicago rapper who got famous for posting a viral video on IG, where he urinated on his opps grave was sh’ot this past weekend, and his 7 year old daughter was mu’rder’ed in the ambush as well, MTO News has learned.

According to local reports, a 7-year-old girl is d’ead and her 29-year-old father hospitalized after they were sh’ot in a McDonald’s drive-thru on Chicago’s West Side, 7 year old Jaslyn was rushed to the hospital after she was found in a bul’let-ridden car sitting in a McDonald’s drive-thru. Unfortunately, the child was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Here’s video of po’lice trying to rush the innocent 7 year old to the hospital Inves’tigators said Jaslyn was hit multiple times around her body. Her father, a rapper named Tilla – real name Jontae Adams, 29 – was also sh’ot multiple times in the upper body. He was taken to the same hospital as his daughter and was reportedly in serious condition, but expected to survive.

RAPPER DA BABY MAKES FUN OF FLIGHT ATTENDANT MTO News confirmed that po’lice are saying that at least 30 shell casings were found around the vehicle after the shooting. Tilla posted a video last month, where he drove to his opps grave, and urinated on it.

The video went viral, and rival gang members vowed to take revenge on the rapper Look:

The rapper posted a heartfelt plea to his fans, where he asked for prayers. He also suggested that he wanted his fans to help locate his daughters k!llers and turn them in to po’lice

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