March 21, 2023

Deb Antney Says Gucci Mane Couldn’t Stand’ Nicki Minaj Because She Wouldn’t Sleep With him

Deb Antney Says Gucci Mane ‘Couldn’t Stand’ Nicki Minaj Because She Wouldn’t Sleep With Him
The former manager of Gucci Mane and Nicki Minaj’s songs, Deb Antney, recently made an appearance on Math Hoffa’s podcast,

My Expert Opinion. And unveiled more details about the friendship between the two rappers. What injured me, do you know? Gucci found her revolting. Nicki didn’t impress him. Because he was unable to f*ck her. She rankled him!

But why do you praise the crap he did with these big-ups? That was wild shit! He is not helping you in any way! Even worse, he disliked her. Rapper Waka Flocka Flame’s mother Antney remembered a time when she featured Minaj on one of Gucci’s tracks.

When I put her on a record, he had a fit. However, I insisted that they all work together since, as a family, we must all be present. None of these can be the cause. The rapper from “Lemonade” was referred to as “selfish” by Antney. He is really egotistical.

He keeps to himself a lot. Even now, I don’t know how he manages to sign musicians. I never permit artists to sign with other artists because they won’t allow them to surpass them in popularity. In a disparaging 2013 tweet, Gucci Mane al’legedly claimed to have had s’ex with the Queens-born rapper.

I f*k Nicki minaj with Waka, and that’s nothing. Gucci Mane then clarified that he was in charge of transporting Minaj to Atlanta. I got that s** off the Wayne bus. Later, the rapper expressed regret and said his message was the result of his lean addiction.

HipHopDX reports that Minaj also stated that Gucci was “working so hard” to maintain “relevance.” He is making such an effort to maintain his relevance. Last Thursday, Tyga and I declined his request for a feature. He is ill and really needs rehab. For him, I’m praying.

4real. The site claims that Gucci Mane and Minaj settled their dispute in 2017. Together, the two were featured on the song “Make Love.” But the relationship between Antney and Gucci Mane has remained strained. According to the source, in his 2017 biography, Gucci Mane charged Antney with copying one of his songs. OJ Da Juiceman was given it as well.

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