December 2, 2022

Dennis Rodman’s Daughter Claims He Goes Months & Sometimes Years Without Speaking To Her

Dennis Rodman and his kids will soon find healing. The famous NBA player has shown his affection for his three children. He has, however, been equally open about how difficult their relationship has become over time. However, a recent post by Trinity Rodman, his youngest child,

suggests that things might be moving in the right direction. Dennis Rodman and his ex-wife Michelle Moyer welcomed their first child, Trinity, in May 2002. She was, however, predominantly raised by her mother, with her father concentrating primarily on his job.

He mentioned how his ex-wife had told him that he didn’t seem to be interested in his kids. Dennis Rodman admitted that he does, but I just don’t know how to express it. But happily, he appears to be making an effort. Trinity, the youngest daughter of Rodman,

posted a touching message to her Instagram followers that featured a picture of the two sharing an embrace at one of her soccer matches. Currently, Trinity Rodman competes for the National Women’s Soccer League’s Washington Saints.

She apparently earns more than any other athlete. She apparently earns more than any other athlete. Trinity Rodman revealed that her father unexpectedly and touchingly showed up to her game. She acknowledged that seeing her father brought on a flurry of emotions,

including shock, surprise, happiness, and sadness. Trinity Rodman also disclosed that there are times when he is absent or silent for “months, if not years.” Even though they had a rocky relationship, it doesn’t seem like she harbours any resentment or animosity for Dennis Rodman.

She’s acting with grace instead. We don’t have the best connection, but ultimately, both he and I are only human, she added. Trinity Rodman also recognizes Dennis Rodman as her “dad” and declares that she will always be his “little girl.” As I hope he does,

I’ll get better and look forward to each day, said Trinity Rodman. We hope they can carry on the path of amity and restoration.

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