January 31, 2023

Donell Jones Releases First Single In 7 Years And This Love Song Is For The Men

On November 11, 2020, R&B singer Donell Jones released a new song called KARMA (Payback). His first single to be released in the last seven years is this one. It serves as the opening track for his seventh studio album, 100% free.

(Available in December 2020) I would say welcome return, but when you have true R & B songwriters and singers that are ranked among the best like Donell, we know they will be around for a very long time to come.

Unforgettable classic songs that are beloved by the audience include, to mention a few, “Where I Wanna Be,” “You Know What’s Upft. TLC’s Left Eye,” and “K’nocks Me Off My Feet.” Jones has also written and produced successful songs for Usher (“Think of You”), 702 (“Get It Together”),

Drea (“Not Gonna Letcha”), and Jacquees (“23”). Most recently, Jones and vocalist Jon B worked together on the song “Understand.” Donell has performed on tour with some of the biggest musicians in the industry and has traversed the globe.

When he found this musician, DJ Eddie F definitely had a good eye for talent. Jones got started at a successful period for R&B musicians. We adored the Relationship Song scenarios and the fact that he was essentially regarded as the composer of every circumstance in life. Donell Jones,

the American Music Award winner, is a skilled producer in addition to being a well-known R&B vocalist and talented songwriter. Making an album with lots of songs that people would enjoy was my strategy. My Heart didn’t seem to get the push it required, in my opinion.Even though it did reasonably well, just 200,000 albums were sold, which wasn’t all that impressive in those days. Nothing went platinum or gold for it. So I set out to make every song on the Where I Wanna Be album sound like it might be a single.

Therefore, it wouldn’t matter what they released because it would be a good song. I believe we succeeded in our mission. I didn’t perform demos, no. I just pieced the pieces together based on concepts that were swimming around in my head.I have to get something out of my thoughts, but it’s always something different. The beat may come on first occasionally, or there may be some chords or a chord sequence. Therefore, I can’t truly state that we follow a specific procedure.

Many diverse sources can serve as sources of inspiration. I do a lot of listening to the Isley Brothers, so it could have been that we were doing that. Before I begin a project, I listen to a lot of old music, and then I listen to the work I’ve already completed.I can’t claim that we did it in a particular way, but there may have been many various methods. We were just entering as a unit. We were attempting to generate concepts for a solid record. It was just enjoyable to record the CD.

The process of creating “Where I Wanna Be” was one of my favourites. I needed to get it off my chest because I truly needed to. The Music Love Coach was inspired to write the song Karma (Payback) because she wanted to convey a powerful message to men and women in relationships, especially as the holiday seasons approach.

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