February 5, 2023

Drake Treats Himself To 350 CARAT Diamond NECKLACE From Engagement Rings He Never Gave To Women!

Drake just treated himself to a 350-carat diamond necklace. But it has a deeper meaning because it’s made of all the engagement rings he never gave to lady! Drake is familiar to be a big player. He was linked to lots of high-profile names in the music industry.

like Rihanna or Jennifer Lopez or social media models. But it seem he never discover “the one.” However, he’s not married yet, it seem it wasn’t for lack of desire. Because, over the years, Drake has bought 42 engagement ring diamonds, for all the times he desired to propose.

It’s not clear whether we’re talking about rings for the same lady or he wanted to marry 42 different ladies. But anyway, it seem Drake planned to be practical and got himself a diamond necklace… Made out of those 42 engagement rings.

Celebrity jeweler Alex Moss said, TMZ that Drake’s new piece is called “Previous Engagements,” a tribute to all the women Drizzy contemplated questioning to marry him, but never goes via. The piece features 42 stones in all, which count for 351.38 carats in diamonds.

On top of all the diamond, it’s made using 18K white gold and was set using the eagle claw technique. The jewelry piece took 14 months to complete and it was handcrafted in New York. The famous jeweler didn’t revealed the price, but you can imagine it’s worth millions.

As per the Instagram Reel, creating the necklace was “an expedition spanning 14 months, every diamond hand selected, inspected to just suit perfection.” “This monumental art piece was assembled using 351.38 carats of diamonds mounted in 18k white gold,” the voiceover constantly.
Diamond expert Zack Stone of UK jeweler Steven Stone told Page Six Style the “magnificent” bling “looks to be worth approximately $12.5 million.” Alex Moss, Can you do sum for me?” one commenter jokingly questioned the celebrity jewelry designer,

referencing Drake’s verse alongside 21 Savage on the viral song “Rich Flex.” Another commenter mused, “350 + carats over 42 diamonds so something like 8 carats a piece? Wondering you’re using vs1+ this piece is somewhere in the $4-6M range?”

One person asked, “So who was the 2 big stones for ??? You should call this piece ‘UNLUCKY LADIES,’” as another person recommended naming the piece “HER LOSS.”

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