December 2, 2022

Dwyane Wade Fires Back After Ex-Wife Claims He Is Exploiting Their Transgender Daughter

Siohvaughn Funches’ most recent claims are being rebutted by Dwyane Wade, who is not letting them gain traction. On Thursday, November 3, the retired NBA player responded to his first wife’s accusations of exploitation on Instagram.

I guess I have to answer these accusations here since this must be the new parenting style, which is a terrible shame, Dwyane said in the opening of his open letter. I recently read a social media post about me making our 15-year-old child act in a way she doesn’t want to.

while I’m on a life-altering journey to our motherland, Africa. Wade said that these are damaging and severe accusations that have harmed our kids. Dwyane Wade was allegedly accused by Siohvaughn Funches of using their transgender daughter Zaya Wade for financial benefit.

She petitioned the courts to prevent Zaya from legally changing her name and gender. While none of us are shocked by Siohvaughn’s efforts to contest Zaya’s identity and her steadfast attempts to tarnish my reputation, Dwyane said in his presentation on Thursday,

“I’m very unhappy that she continually finds means of concentrating herself and her wants without respect to her children.” Over the years, I’ve given her the chance to get in touch with Zaya’s educators, medical professionals, and therapists, as well as meet some of her friends, so she could develop her own understanding of our child’s needs.

I haven’t seen her make any effort or sacrifice to leave her home to be involved in her children’s lives in more than ten years, despite the fact that she calls herself a “good Christian mother,” Dwyane complained to his followers. Zaya is announcing to the world and, more significantly, to her mother that she is no longer the same 3-year-old girl.

Wade finally confirmed that he is not exploiting the identity of his daughter. Dwyane assured his social media followers that nobody in his home would ever compel Zaya or any of our kids to do anything against their will, much less impose an identity. Neither my family nor Zaya should play this game. She lives like this.

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