January 31, 2023

Ellen Degeneres Famed DJ Stephen ‘tWitch Boss’ Reportedly Died From Suicide

Our hearts fell for you all! According to TMZ, DJ Twitch, who was well-known thanks to Ellen Degeneres, committed suicide. According to law enforcement officials, Stephen’s wife Allison Holker went into an LAPD station on Tuesday in a hysterical state because she insisted that,

contrary to his usual behaviour, her spouse had already left the house without his car. We’re informed that shortly after, authorities received a call about a g’unshot at a hotel in Los Angeles. And there, dead from what appeared to be a self-inflicted g’unshot wound, they discovered Stephen.

Stephen began spinning records on Ellen’s show in 2014 and continued doing so until the show’s cancellation in May 2022.He was named the show’s executive producer in 2020. He made his debut in the entertainment world in 2008 after placing second on “So You Think You Can Dance.”

He persisted in acting and was given several parts that permitted him to continue his performance while showing off his dancing abilities. Stephen starred as Jason in the “Step Up” film series and in “Magic Mike XXL.” Allison Holker Boss, Stephen’s wife, reportedly told People that he passed away later:

Allison Holker Boss, 34, the wife of Boss, says exclusively in an interview with PEOPLE that her husband Stephen has left the couple. Every room Stephen entered was illuminated by his presence. He valued his community, family, and friends more than anything else.He thought that the finest way to lead was to do so in light and with love. He was our family’s rock, the best husband and father, and an example to his followers. She went on to remark that it would be an understatement to say that he left a legacy and that his positive influence will endure. There won’t be a day that goes by that we don’t remember him,

I’m positive of that. In this trying time for myself and especially for our three kids, we ask for privacy. Allison left her spouse a message before departing. “Stephen, we love you, we miss you, and I will always save the last dance for you,” she said as she was drawing to a close.

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