December 2, 2022

Faith Evans and Stevie J Allegedly Have Broken Up (Full Details)

Less than a year after Faith Evans and Stevie J’s secret wedding, rumors are circulating that the pair is now separated and headed for divorce. Declarations of frequent battle, Stevie’s cryptic Twitter posts, and as newly as yesterday,

they both unfollowed each other on Instagram, leaving several think that this may be the end of the street for the once happy pair. First this week, he posted a series of cryptic comments which made several people believe.

that that something was bad with his relationship. Take a glance at what the record producer composed. But that’s not the only thing that occurred. In one of the last videos that the pair was seen in jointly, you can tell that something was bad, specifically with Faith. According to a source, the pair had just had a big argument.

A source close to Faith says that she has been extremely patient with Stevie, usually dominating things that she would not approve from others. A lot has occurred since the two have gotten together, specifically several allegation of fraud.

At one point, not only did Stevie’s ex, Misha Perry claimed that Stevie had been deceiving on Faith with her, but she also claimed that she was pregnant with his infant. Not only did misha go after Stevie for child support payments, but spouse Faith as well, writing,

since you getting marital I wish Faith can help you on some of those kid support debts because your kid will be here. Faith stood by her spouse, and the current news of their arguments lead several to think that he may have stepped out on faith,

and some have taken it a step further claiming that there may be an eighth kid on the way. Only time will tell if the two are prepared to repair things up or if it is the end of their relationship.

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