November 29, 2022

Walk Of Fame

The rap group will be given the iconic strip’s 2,738th star. MC Lyte and Roxanne Shanté will also speak during the ceremony on November 4th. In Hip-Hop, Cheryl “Salt” James, Sandra “Pepa,” and third member Deidra “Spinderella”.

Roper paved the way for not just women in rap but also all artists to make music that pushed the envelope. The ladies’ 1993 album Very Necessary still holds the record for the best-selling album ever by a female rap group, making them along with Queen Latifah,

the first female MCs to win a Grammy Award. Moreover, Salt-N-Pepa is the first female rap group to achieve a gold and then platinum-certified album. “Push It,” “Let’s Talk About S’ex,” and “None of Your Business,” three of their biggest successes,

gave women the chance to proudly rhyme about their sensual urges. According to Walk of Fame Producer Ana Martinez, this next star ceremony honouring Hip-Hop pioneers Salt-N-Pepa will pay tribute to the incredible 1980s music.

that we all like and that so many people grew up listening to. She continued, We’re putting these ladies of Hip Hop royalty right next to the Walk of Fame star of another Queen of Hip Hop, Missy Elliott, and next to Amoeba Music. On Twitter, Missy reacted to the news by praising the rap group and wishing them luck as they entered the Walk of Fame.

What a blessing it is to be standing next to Salt & Pepa, who gave me the idea to start rapping! My sisters for more than 20 years! Elliott stated that they took a lot of flak coming into this game to make the female emcees following them walk through the door a lot smoother.

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