November 29, 2022

Fat Joe Says Kanye West Showed Up At His Doorstep In the next episode of ‘Red Table Talk’ the Grammy-nominated rapper says he and West chatted for an hour.

Grammy-nominated artist Fat Joe joined the ladies in their latest episode of Red Table Talk to share the highs and lows of his iconic career, while also revealing that Kanye West showed up at his doorstep to ask for advice amid the aftermath of his antisemitic remarks.

During Joe’s time at the red table, he responded to a fan’s question on the advice that he would give to West, who now goes by Ye.

Right before answering the question, Joe disclosed that West surprised him at his hotel room as he was headed to RTT.

“We talked for about an hour,” he shared. “I said ‘You know what Ye man, you do church. There’s no more powerful person than God. Sit down, talk to God.”

He added, “‘I said listen Ye, ‘There’s people that love you.” I told him just like this, I grabbed his shoulder, ‘God is telling me to tell you this.’ Bro, you gotta snap out of this. You gotta get focused and look to God. God is the answer, God is the key. Whatever you gotta do.”

Joe continued, “He just gotta make it right with himself, make it right with everybody he offended and [that] he hurt. And just live whatever life we have left in peace. That’s all we can pray for, that he finds that.”

“The only person that has an answer for Kanye right now is God.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Fat Joe refers to excerpts from his memoir The Book of Jose, where he reflects on his journey who was in the streets of the Bronx as a teenager, to winning The Showtime at the Apollo for four straight weeks before signing his first record deal, to being shot in front of his mother and more.

Be sure to watch the new episode of Red Table Talk: “ Was a Good Person Doing Bad Things Streaming on Wednesday (Nov. 9) at 9 am PT/ 12 pm ET on Facebook Watch.

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