March 21, 2023

Father of 5 kids kil’led in Road Rage: He Was A Devoted Father

A Kansas City family has experienced a devastating loss. A father of 4 young girls was kil’led in what documentary say is a lawsuit of road r’age. Marvin Yancey was a biological father who also drop his daughtera from home to school his daughters, ages 2 to 7.

Now his girlfriend is left to grow their daughters and a baby boy he’ll never gonna see him.

“He was a loyal father. He was just truly a family man, who ta’rgeted on his family,” told his girlfriend named, Marina Wilson.

On July 16, Yancey was kil’led in an plain road r’age sh’ooting on Blue Ridge Boulevard near East 82nd Street. “I could just, wonder it, knew something was bad,” Wilson told, “because he remain hadn’t back to home.”

Yancey had went to the bank the same morning. After becoming concern when he didn’t reacts to her numerous call and texts, Wilson’s really scared were authenticate when she received a call from the police the same night, KMBC News stated.

“I truly just fall out ’cause I truly just could not, I truly couldn’t bear it after that,” she told.
Wilson has had to went out to her job so that she could protect of their kids and feed them.
“The worst stuff is, you know, look at your kids suffer,” she told. “Them daily telling me they miss their father.”

She desire the man ac’cused with Yancey’s mu’rder to know, “he sn’atch everything from us,” she told. “It’s not even penalty for me right now, like, just all about a t’raffic incident.” As she constantly to cope with the devastating loss, she’s also planning for the arrival of their first son,

who will be get name later his father. This is so heartbroken that her upcoming boy can’t be in his father’s arm and the father also can’t hold his son to his arms ohh God this is n’umb really devastating may God give her a strength to digest all the pain.

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