February 4, 2023

Former RHOA Cynthia Bailey Reveals She Dated Actor Boris Kodjoe: He Would Actually Come And Crash..

Cynthia Bailey is back on the market and disclosing her love life and previous suitors. The Real Housewives of Atlanta actress, who just went through a divorce, is returning to the show as a “friend” to give viewers a glance at how she is currently

dating and some of the men who have previously pursued her. She recently disclosed a lesser-known romantic relationship from her early Hollywood days. Cynthia Bailey’s first significant partnership was as heartthrob Leon’s real-life love interest.


Women like the well-known actor, and before she became a housewife, Cynthia Bailey served as his primary love interest. Noelle is the couple’s only child. Despite their breakup as lovers, she and Leon have remained close friends.

She thanked Leon for being a constant in her life and a comfort during her separation from Peter Thomas. Leon has always been really supportive of me and anything that involves my pleasure, she revealed in an interview from 2016.

He is my friend in addition to being Noelle’s father. I can rely on his affection and support at all times. The romance between Cynthia and Peter Thomas played a significant role in her Real Housewives storyline.

We followed the couple for seven years as they attempted to make their marriage work before they were wed in a televised special. Unfortunately, they would split up due to business problems and rumours of adultery. Given how frequently the two clashed on the programme,

fans were not surprised when they separated and had really anticipated it. Peter thought he and his wife were simply separated at the moment, therefore he was shocked by the actual divorce. The disagreement was small-minded, and the two even sued one another over some joint property,

but they later withdrew the case and parted ways. On a Steve Harvey Show dating episode, Cynthia Bailey would meet Mike Hill, the man who would become her next husband. The couple clicked, got engaged right away, and merged their families. Despite Mike Hill’s history of infidelity,

Cynthia rejoiced in their similarities and her sense of having met her soul mate. She recently acknowledged dating NBA player Jayson Williams as well as Boris Kodjoe. Cynthia confesses that Boris was merely a friend staying on her couch and that she and

Jayson were genuinely engaged. Eventually, she did play with him, but she claimed that this was before “Boris was Boris.” She admitted to dating Boris Kodjoe to The Jasmine Brand. We had been close friends for a very long time. He had only recently begun modelling.

He actually came and stayed at my house while he was in college, among other things. For the first time ever, Cynthia Bailey has opened up about her romance with Boris Kodjoe. After that, the actor wed Nicole Air Parker in 2005.

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