November 29, 2022

Girl, 19, Marries Dad-Of-Two 42 Years Older Than Her Despite Family Disapproval

Audrey Cheyenne- Smiley Moon, a Military Police Officer, had met with husband Kevin on dating site Badoo on January 9th, 2020. The pair instantly bonded, despite having a 42-Year-Old gap. Audrey, 19, claimed she was first attracted to Kevin, 61, after noticing in his bio that he was a veteran who had served for the military police, just like she does now.

Audrey Cheyenne,19, and Kevin, 61, spent six months chatting online, during which they both said, ‘I love you.’

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But due to Kevin being older than both of Audrey’s parents, who are 38 and 43, they were highly hostile about meeting him. And just when the duo went to Audrey’s parent’s, the cops were seen waiting outside. For days, Audrey claimed her parents yelled at Kevin and did everything they could to tell him how terrible he was for loving her.

The duo met in person for the first time in July 2020.

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And when Audrey went to introduce Kevin to her parents, they had called the police.

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Kevin took all of this in and then proved how much he truly and deeply loved Audrey. Thankfully, after getting to know him, her family has grown to like him. On August 1st, 2021, the couple got married in a small chapel in Nevada and planning their future together. It turned out, Kevin had been married before for 19years and had two kids aged 16 and 23.

Audrey’s parents spent days yelling at Kevin; however, he eventually won them over.

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Kevin (right) had been married before for 19years and had two kids aged 16 and 23.

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His kids are supportive of the relationship and pleased to see how delighted the pair are. However, the duo began to chat online and officially became a couple after a few months after. In July 2020, Kevin and Audry of Modesto, California, met up and shared their first kiss. “I was both excited and nervous to see him. He still talks about the day he laid his eyes on me with such passion.” Audrey recalled.

However, Kevin plans to be a stay-at-home husband, and the two have plans to have their kids soon.

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Neither Audrey nor Kevin had been in a relationship with such an age gap but believed it didn’t matter.

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She continued: “Kevin made the first move. He took my face in his hands, and we had our first kiss when we first met face to face. We can both agree truly that it was love at first sight.” According to Daily Mail, neither Audrey nor Kevin had been in a relationship with such a significant age gap but believed it doesn’t matter as they have lots in common and a deep connection.

Audrey pictured with her dad had kept her relationship secret from her parents because younger than Kevin.

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While they are now married, the duo still lives apart as Audrey works abroad in the Middle East, and Kevin is at home in California. There are plans to move in together at any moment. The duo is always affectionate towards each other, and when times get hard, they try to focus on what they’re fighting for. On the other hand, Kevin to Audrey remains a soul mate and something worth fighting for.

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