November 29, 2022

Our Prayers Go Out To The Great Actor Will Smith & His Family For Their Loss

Will Smith’s father, Willard Carroll Smith Sr., a famous actor, has passed away. His ex-wife, Sheree Fletcher, confirmed his demise. He is cited as stating, “I felt my father would mu*der me,” when asked about his dread of his father if he ever used narcotics. Literally.’

Will has also lauded his father in the past, calling him a “stable and positive role” in his life. Dad was tough but not oppressive, he once remarked. He held me in check. Will, just one more step and it’s going to get ugly, was the expression on his face.

He established supermarket refrigeration as a self-employed businessman, and he always provided for us. He is a dependable and uplifting presence in my life. Will has not yet made any remarks on his father’s passing in the media. The actor has frequently praised him over the years,

describing how his father’s strict discipline helped him become the person he is today. The 48-year-old once recalled how Reader’s Digest helped his father support his efforts as a rap musician. I lied to them and said I wanted to rap. They remarked, “Rap?”

Carnegie Mellon is where my mom earned her degree. College, in her opinion, was the only option. My dad kind of saw the benefit of changing things,” Will remarked. We agreed that if making music for a year did not work out, I would enroll in college.

We were the first rap musician to receive a Grammy that year. In West Philadelphia, Smith Sr. was employed as a refrigerator engineer. He divorced his wife Caroline Bright in 2000 after having four children together. We offer our sympathies to the family and friends of Willard Carroll Smith Sr.

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