March 21, 2023

Hack the holidays with an easy homemade brown sugar recipe

Nicole Keshishian Modic, KaleJunkie food creator and “Love to Eat” cookbook author, is offering her expertise to other home cooks this season to help hack their holiday baking.

“If you are baking this holiday season, there’s a good chance that your recipe calls for brown sugar. If you run out in the middle of baking or just want to save money and make it your self, you are in luck. It is so easy,” she said. “All you need is two ingredients — white sugar, and molasses. And when you make it yourself, it’s so nice and fresh.”

How to make homemade brown sugar

PHOTO: How to make homemade brown sugar.

Nicole Keshishian Modic, KaleJunkie

How to make homemade brown sugar.

Makes: 1 cup brown sugar


1 cup granulated white sugar⁣

1 tablespoon molasses⁣


Add sugar and molasses to a bowl. Use clean hands to mix together until each sugar granule is covered with the molasses. Store in a covered container with a slice of bread or a marshmallow for maximum freshness. ⁣

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