December 2, 2022

How Mary J. Blige Got Over Her Heartbreak

Our girl Mary J. Blige has been via connection hell and back. Later her public split from former-spouse and former manager Kendu Isaacs in 2017, Blige had to work her way back to gald. But grateful to the natural strength and resilience that we all familiar and love her for,

the R&B diva has bounced back with dignity and grace. Vogue caught up with the vocalist as she ready to take on one of the most famous roles of her career – a murderous villain named Cha Cha for the film adaption of DC Comics’ Umbrella academy.

Blige has enjoyed immersing herself into acting because its given her an outlet to launch the painful emotions that come from real life struggles. I’m fully sold on acting,” she said to the magazine. “It means that I can transfer all of my feelings from real-life issues onto other person – and that I lived via all of that hell for a reason.”

That’s same what she did for her character as Florence in the Oscar-nominated movie Mudbound, and the same will be real of Cha Cha whose job is to, “m’urder anybody and everybody. When it comes to heartbreak, Mary has endured more than her fair share over a career.

Gratefully, she’s come out on the other side with few lessons to share with others. Nevertheless there’s no sudden fix or magic pill to settle the pain, she trusts the best remedy is all around yourself with love. “It’s going painful no matter what, she told. “Hang out with your girlfriends and your family. Just being around by loved ones supports.

Work hard. Always make some time for yourself.” With heart break also comes the temptation to reunite with your former, which Blige told is a huge mistake. “Just don’t go back. If he’s looking for you, and you’re truly done, be done. Stay off the phone. Let it go. Then get other date.”

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