February 5, 2023

Ice Cube’s Son O’Shea Jackson Jr. Proudly Accepts Nepotism, Thanks Dad For Setting Him Up For Success…

Hollywood is the land of chance, especially if you have known parents. People have been benefitting from their known last names for years, and while some successes are justified, others feel like a bad case of nepotism. New York Magazine recently ran an article highlighting “nepo babies,”

which has some famous folks upset. Although, a few have embraced their namesakes and privilege. O’Shea Jackson Jr. is one of them. The New York Magazine cover features Denzel Washington’s son John David Washington; Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet’s daughter Zoe Kravitz;

and many other known kids with the caption “she has her mom’s eyes and agent.” The debate on “nepo babies” has been raging on Twitter ever since, with numerous speaking out on how unfair it is to discredit their talent due to their known parents.

Jamie Lee Curtis did an entire dissertation on Instagram her mom was actress Janet Leigh. The argument is that for every legitimately talented offspring, a handful of entitled, untalented ones are taking up space in the headlines.

Recently we have seen a few nepo babies go head to head with their parents. Romeo Miller was gifted a successful career as a rapper and kid star by his dad, Master P, but in not so far weeks he’s been calling his dad out for poor parenting and money management,

claiming he’s been on his own financially since 18 due to his dad’s bad business. Meanwhile, Master P managed that his son is spoiled and looking for money. Kirk Franklin’s oldest son Kerrion Franklin has reportedly struggled with mental illness for years.When he revealed a heated phone call between himself and his dad, he reportedly it was to show people who Kirk Franklin was and get some help and sympathy for the years of abuse he faced. Kerrion has gone on to star in the reality series Bad Boys of Los Angeles,

leading numerous to believe that the entire stuff was a ploy to gain attention for his career as a internet personality and vocalist. While Shad Moss did not come from a known family, he had some major dad figures who co-signed his career. Snoop Dogg and Jermaine Dupri helped groom the young rapper,

making him a star. Jermaine, who himself is a nepo baby and son of famous music executive Michael Mauldin, would go on to asserted that claims he had BET make the series 106 & Park to coincide with the launch of Bow Wow’s career. Shad asserts this is not true and that the network published the show on its own, with his success being thanks to the fans.

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