January 29, 2023

In 2007, five girls were born in the Artamkin family. Girls are already 12 years old. How does the family live today?

The Artamkin family’s life takes an unexpected turn in 2007. Varvara and Dmitry had five daughters, all of whom were amazing and gorgeous.


Varvara went for an ultrasound while still pregnant, and it was discovered that the woman is carrying up to five embryos under her heart. Doctors were worried about the scenario and advised the couple to eliminate two embryos to minimize any future complications. But because Artamkin’s people are believers, they rejected and concluded that whatever God gives will be given.


Since Russian doctors declined to take on such a large number of pregnancies, the Artamkins had to give birth overseas. Five lovely girls were born in the 26th week of pregnancy and were quickly sent to the incubator for preterm newborns. The infants grew healthily, acquired weight, became stronger, and returned to their native Moscow.

The state provided them with a four-room flat complete with renovations and furnishings as soon as they arrived. Of course, raising five children at once is difficult; the couple was exhausted, but everything worked out owing to the support of each other and family.

Varvara recounts that obviously, it was difficult to accept that they had five children, five new lives. However, children have brought joy into their lives. She always desired kids, and she is grateful to have a large number of them. To be honest, she does not perceive much of a distinction between their family and any other huge family.

Her husband and she are persuaded that it is considerably harder with one child as he craves his parents’ constant attention and is thus a lot more erratic. And when there are five children at once, they realize that the mother is alone and cannot be separated between them, Elizabeth, Alexandra, Nadezhda, Tatiana, and Varvara were the names of the girls. They are all very distinct, as their parents claim, in look and personality. The fourth child was frequently unwell. She was frequently afflicted with pneumonia, bronchitis, and other respiratory illnesses. She did, however, get stronger with time.

The mother exclaims she is relieved that her girls will be in the same class and will be able to support one another. She imagines how frightening it must be for a kid to go to school for the first time without the support of his siblings and sisters.

The girls are now 12 years old, well formed, and have been attending church from childhood. Artamkins demonstrated that everything is possible when you have a dependable shoulder to lean on. The sky’s the limit!

Congratulations to this beautiful family.

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