January 31, 2023

Is That You? Paula Abdul Criticized for Taking Her Photo Editing a Little Too Far

On Sunday, the 60-year-old singer confused her Instagram fans by posting pictures of herself that made her appear much younger than she actually is. At Kathy Hilton’s Christmas party, Abdul photographed with Heidi Klum, Jaclyn Smith, Paris Hilton, and Crystal Kung Minkoff,

but the attention of the former “American Idol” judge’s followers was on her Photoshop gaffe rather than her famous friends. One Instagram user wrote, “This looks like a whole different person.” “Wow. I fail to comprehend this. Everyone is aware of your true appearance.

Another person said, “The amount of editing here is glaringly clear. Holy crap! She has a little girl’s appearance, a third person said. A few social media users even joked that the Abdul in the pictures wasn’t the real Abdul. One guy enquired, “Who is this?” Another echoed,

“Where is Paula?” Another follower commented, “Someone took Paula’s Instagram, that’s whole other face!” Others urged the well-known choreographer to appreciate her inherent attractiveness. One admirer said, “You should be pleased to age gracefully.

Why do you need these excessive filters! Young girls and women are being made to believe that they need filters and shouldn’t be proud of who they are, and that is so very sad! “Pls stop with the photo-editing. Without it, you look stunning.

No need to create a fake reality or expectation, another person said. Abdul hasn’t spoken anything about her Facetune gaffe, but she seems to have enjoyed herself at the celebrity-studded holiday party. She captioned the image, “@kathyhilton always throws the most amazing holiday party??“Happy Holidays!” I hope everyone is enjoying themselves, celebrating, and being with friends and family today. I’m sending you plenty of holiday cheer and love. Abdul gained notoriety the year before when she had her implants decreased during a breast reduction procedure.

The singer underwent the treatment because her old implants were becoming physically painful and were “a touch too big” for her physique. Abdul described the process in full in a medical gadget firm called InMode’s Instagram video. According to the brand ambassador for the company,

“With my height, I’m tiny, I started with smaller breasts, and maybe 20 or more years ago, I had implants put in, and the more I was dancing, the harder it was getting on my back.” She continued, “As the years pass, gravity also occurs, and I simply always felt that [they] were a bit too big for my body, and I wanted to get the old implants out.”

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