November 29, 2022

Jada Pinkett Smith Showcases Baby Bump In Sheer Dress In Gorgeous Throwback Photo

When Jada Pinkett Smith tweeted a stunning throwback image from her pregnancy at the beginning of the week, she sent fans on a trip down memory lane. Will Smith’s wife shared a lovely photo of herself on Instagram showing off her growing baby bulge.

while wearing a transparent gown. Jada posted a picture of Rihanna, who is now expecting her first child, alongside the photograph. Who says you can’t wear see-through outfits while pregnant? Asked the mother of two in the caption. I adore Rihanna.

She is a typical girls’ girl bold, unapologetically fierce, kind, and unapologetic. One of her traits I most admire is her desire to see other women triumph. She is a queen who enjoys assisting other women in finding and assuming their own thrones.

It’s crucial for us women to support, love, and see one another while we go through difficult times. For International Women’s Month, let me celebrate one more of my favourites. Jada Pinkett Smith published a stunning flashback image taken during her pregnancy.

With her husband Will, Jada has two kids: Jaden, age 23, and Willow, age 21. Trey Smith, 29, the actor’s oldest child from a previous marriage to Sheree Zampino, is now her stepchild. The Los Angeles-based celebrity couple is immensely proud of their kids,

who have all chosen careers in the entertainment business. The three generations of ladies invite family members and celebrities into their house for a series of frank discussions on the well-liked show. The three members of the famous family are incredibly close and have matching tattoos thanks to their success.

During a previous season of the show. Willow’s lotus flower joined the intricate half-sleeve designs on her forearm. They both had a set of three lotus flowers that were just beginning to bloom on their arms. In a video clip Jada released at the time,

Willow stated that the lotus symbolizes spiritual enlightenment. It is also widely known that Through the dirt grows the lotus. She continued, I think all of us, from various viewpoints in life, have had that journey.

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