January 29, 2023

Jaguar Wright Claims Tevin Campbell Was Arrested After Trying To Sell Himself To Undercover Officer For…

Jaguar Wright is quite knowledgeable about some of our favourite celebs in the industry. Over the years, she has called out a few people and attempted to expose others for actions they undoubtedly wanted to conceal. A few years ago, Tevin Campbell found himself in her crosshairs,

and since then, she has been more forthcoming about what she claims to know about the “Can We Talk” singer. Jaguar Wright levelled some serious allegations against R&B musician Tevin Campbell back in 2020. Campbell,

she claimed in an interview with Real Lyfe Productions, had such a wonderful career but settled for adult employment. How did a young man with that voice, those records, and the potential to become one of the greatest male vocalists of all time wind himself on Hollywood Boulevard?

Many people were confused by the startling revelation, and Campbell has a reputation for being secretive about his life outside of the spotlight ever since his career started to wane. Tevin did not find this amusing and quickly debunked the claims and threatened legal action against Wright on social media.

Jaguar Wright was immediately warned by Tevin that what she was doing might be illegal and that his lawyer was “on deck.” “This is known as internet defamation. Avoid testing. T.E.V.I.N. If I were you, I’d remove that YouTube video.

If I were you, T.E.V.I.N., I’d remove that YouTube video. Tevin continued by saying that all of his negative behaviour in the past was well-documented and behind him. I won’t put up with anyone lying about me online, he declared. Tevin made an effort to make things upbeat,but they offered prayers and good thoughts for Jaguar. Jaguar has previously attempted to harm someone’s reputation. She has alleged things about Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, Common, and other artists. Her accusations typically centre on information from people’s private or personal life.

In a recent episode of Real Lyfe Productions, she clarified her remarks about Tevin Campbell and asserted that Tevin had used their conversation as a great marketing opportunity. Wright asserts that she was standing up for Tevin Campbell and believes that he tried to intimidate her after she revealed his truth.because he was more ashamed of what happened than anything else. Wright never provides details as to why the industry “owes” Tevin Campbell anything, but she keeps insisting that there is a police report of what transpired. Further,

Wright talks passionately about how Tevin was signed when he was a young man and was left with individuals who “did things to him.” She asserts that before he knew who he was, they influenced his personality and decisions. Jaguar After a series of interviews, Wright was missing for some time. She has recently reappeared and is ready to spill more beans.

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