December 2, 2022

Jennifer Hudson Opens Up About Bestie Marlon Wayans’ Impact On Her Career Who knew the two were besties? 💕

Jennifer Hudson’s latest guest on her daytime talk show played an integral part in her securing her deal for The Jennifer Hudson Show.

On Wednesday, Marlon Wayans appeared on the show and chopped it up with his good friend and former co-star. Hudson gushed that the comedian impacted her life in the biggest way.

“I would not be here without this, man. He was a huge part of me getting the show because he was a part of creating the pilot for the show,” she said.“So thank you so much for that, Marlon.”

He humbly replied, “Thank you. You’re welcome. You get that.”

She joked, “Did I do good?”

“You got the show, right,” he laughed and said. “I knew that you were gonna be great because you’re just great at everything.”

Wayans also opened up about their friendship and what Hudson’s relationship with him meant.

He expressed that she would always be a phone call away and told the audience how the “Spotlight” singer showed up and out when she sang at his mother’s funeral.

“I’m always a phone call away,” said the entertainer. “You came and you sang at my mama’s funeral for nothing. She just came up. She showed up, and she sang at my mama’s funeral. And you know that’s my favorite girl. So when you did that, I’m always one phone call away.”

The “best friends” reflected on the moment. The animated comedian had the audience rolling when he portrayed what his deceased mother “did” when Hudson sang.

“My mama couldn’t believe it. She woke up. She says, ‘Is that J Hud?’” he said jokingly. “Now I can meet my maker.”

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