November 29, 2022

Jim Jones And Chrissy Lampkin Lose NJ Mansion To Foreclosure – Sold For Just $100!

Stuffs are not going very well for Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin! Because the reality show duo has supposed to just lost their house! And their New Jersey mansion foreclosed on and sold at auction for only $100!!

Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones’ dream house will soon be a distant memory. Because it looked like they have failed to pay few mortgages. As per BOSSIP, the U.S. National Bank Association sued the reality celebrity duo back in 2017 for reportedly.

failing to pay their mortgage which had been in arrears since 2010. It looked like Jim got into something huge than he thought. Inside the complaint, Jones bought the home in 2006 and took out a $680,000 mortgage with a 6.875 % interest rate.

He permitted to make monthly payments of $4,467 but evidently fell at the back. And then he was so at back that the only choice he had was sell the mansion. But they did have another way. Last year, they cut a contract with the bank to get caught up with the payments to save the house from going into foreclosure.

But, somehow, he did not stick to the agreement and then failed to react to the lawsuit, so the judge put them in default. So clearly, the bank didn’t wait for more time and make it up to action.

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