December 2, 2022

Kanye Can’t Sell “W-hite Lives Matter” Shirts In U.S. Because Two B’lack Men Own Trademark

The hole that is Kanye West’s career and financial stage is getting deeper. Now, by way of 2 African-American men who have discover a path to put a stop to Kanye selling his new line of “W’hite Lives Matter” shirts in the U. S.

As you all already familiar, Ye has caused an enormous storm of c’ontroversy as of late, partially because of to the launch of his ‘WLM’ shirts– which added a image of Pope John Paul II on the front, and the the ‘WLM’ phrase on the back.

Welp, fast further to currently…and Ramses Ja and Quinton Ward — hosts of the r’acial verdict radio show, “Civic Cipher,” became the proud owners of the “W’hite Lives Matter” trademark for use of the phrase on just apparel being sold in the United States.

Back in, October 2022, the hosts took over ownership of the trademark from an anonymous buyer who’d real copped the trademark on the exact day Kanye debuted his Yeezy ‘WLM’ shirts at the time of Paris Fashion Week.

Civic Cipher” hosts, Ja and Ward, confessed that taking ownership of the ‘WLM’ phrase was a hard plan for them, but they permitted to do so “once it was understandable that someone stood to gain significant profit from it, because as you have seen,

even nevertheless he (West) says some really hurtful, divisive and sometimes crazy stuffs, he has a bit of a zealot following and every time he launches something, it sells out,” Ward said CNN.

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