January 29, 2023

Karen Malina White Who Played Charmaine Brown in ‘A Different World’ Is Now 54 and Looks Beautiful

While she’s taken a long break from the big and small screens, she continues to pursue her passion in acting, this time taking on theater roles.

White has starred in multiple shows back in the day, including “A Different World,” “Malcolm,” “Eddie,” and “The Cosby Show.”

Just last year, it was reported that she took on a theater role on “The Mountaintop,” playing the fictional character Camae, a maid who delivers room service to Martin Luther King Jr. at the Lorraine Hotel on the day he passed away.

The play revolves around the day that Luther King Jr. was killed, particularly when he was shot on the balcony of his room at the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis.

According to Karen, her character represents the youth and the questions they ask about King’s non-violent approach to protesting.

“She is a voice of those youth who may have been leaning a little more towards Malcolm X and the Black Panther movement.

She also stands for the women of the time and challenges him about his little bits of sexism and traditional roles of women in the movement. She also is poorer than King, who is middle class.”

Up until today, Luther King Jr.’s death continues to resonate with many people as the fight for racial, economic, and social justice continues around the country.

White has starred in multiple shows back in the day, including “A Different World,” “Malcolm,” “Eddie,” and “The Cosby Show.” Aside from “The Mountaintop,” she continues to star in different theater productions, choosing to continue her career there rather than through television or movie roles.

However, while this is the case, she sometimes finds herself guesting on TV shows too, like “I Didn’t Do It” on the Disney Channel and one episode of “How to Get Away with Murder.”

Karen Malina White never married and was last found to be in a relationship with Malcolm-Jamal Warner for seven years. After their breakup, she never announced whether or not she has dated someone else since.

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