January 29, 2023

DJ Khaled shuts down twerking woman during live-stream out of respect for his wife: ‘I got a family’

Dj Khaled impressed many after asking a lady to stop twe’rking on his live chat, telling her to behave normally – The DJ was hosting a live chat on Instagram with his fans when a lady started twerking while pouring water on her back – The entertainer re’vealed that he had nothing against her but it was all about love and respect with the video being watched by more than 4.7 million people.



Famous US entertainer Dj Khaled impressed many after asking a lady to stop twe’rking on his Instagram live stream as he was not about that life, explaining that he is a family man. As much as he is known for having scantily-dressed ladies in his music videos, away from entertainment and during the Ramadan season, the DJ is a whole different person.

While hosting an Instagram live chat session with his fans, a lady came on and started twe’rking while pouring water on herself in a sensual manner. PAY ATTENTION: Do you have news to share? Contact Leg’it.ng instantly However, the DJ was not impressed as he asked the lady to stop and talk to him instead of dancing which she might have expected he would like. Khaled’s efforts were futile and he finally decided to stop the conversation he was trying to hold with her, closing his eyes in embarrassment.



He shared the clip explaining that when he’s on live chat with the fans, it’s all about love and nothing else. “I have love for everyone, please take it easy when I’m on fan love, IG love. Again I have love for everyone please let’s be respectful nothing but love, Bless up!” Khaled said.



The video was viewed by more than 4.7 million people and as many as 47, 530 commented, praising him for his gesture. Well, the lady might have been performing to the wrong audience as many other celebrities have been holding t’werk competition on Instagram.

In other news, BBNaija’s Uriel Oputa has declared her British citizenship while also embracing her cultural heritage at the same time on social media. The lock’down has given people from various countries opportunity to interact. From question and answer sessions to Instagram live concerts and Twitter banters, the boredom from being at home has bridged the many borders. Recently, the reality TV star was a guest on Canadian singer, Tory Lanez’s Instagram live and she entertained the musician to a beautiful song.

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