November 29, 2022

Kyrie Irving Joins Brooklyn Nets In Donating $500K Each To Fight Hate, I Am A Human Being Learning From All Walks Of Life

Kyrie Irving is not just expressing regret to the Jewish community for endorsing an anti-Semitic tweet on Twitter. He has made the decision to give $500K to the battle against h’ate as evidence of his repentance. The Brooklyn Nets player posted a link to “Hebrews to Negroes:

Wake Up Black America” on his Twitter page. Despite all the c’riticism, Irving was not giving up. The Brooklyn Nets and Kyrie Irving jointly issued a statement on Wednesday night in which they expressed regret and said they would be contributing money.

I reject all types of prejudice and d’iscrimination, and I support the daily marginalized and impacted communities with my whole being, Kyrie declared. I accept responsibility for my post’s detrimental effects on the Jewish community. I am aware of this.

I don’t think the documentary said anything that I would consider to be morally or ethically right or true. I am a human being who is interested in learning from people from all walks of life, and I aim to do this with an open mind and a desire to listen, Irving continued.

We therefore meant no offence to any particular ra’cial, ethnic, or religious group and merely wished to serve as a beacon of light and truth on behalf of my family and I. The Brooklyn Nets will match Kyrie’s donation dollar for dollar with a total of $1 million.

According to the statement, the money will be distributed among causes and groups that strive to end h’atred and i’ntolerance in our communities. The team plans to collaborate with the A’nti-D’efamation League (ADL) to create inclusive educational programming that will completely address all types of r’acism and an’tisemitism.

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