December 2, 2022

Lauren London Doesn’t Think She’ll Ever Get Married, But Thankful She Has Experienced Pure Love With….

Lauren London is still handling with the loss of her man, rapper Nipsey Hussle. The late rapper d’ied in 2019. Nipsey left a biggest gap in his family and community. London not so far opened up to radio host Angie Martinez about how she is copping and moving further for herself and their kids.

For Lauren, it has not been simple. She addressed in parts of the interview that she goes to a very dark place for a while and faced to get out of it. Although, Lauren finally found the strength and gave a lot of credit to their families for supporting her.

She credits Diddy for being a big source of light as he was working via his grief from Kim Porter’s passing the year earlier. London told Angie that she wanted to wear sweats to Nipsey Hussle’s fu’neral, but Diddy pulled her aside and told,

“You’ve showed everybody what it’s like to keep a man down and love him. Now show them what it seem when it all crumbles.” As she looks like on her life with Nipsey, Lauren admits that their connection was real and pure and considers him to be her real love.

As a outcome, she adresses that she is not sure she could ever get married or love again because he set the bar on so top. “I might not ever be married, but I faced pure love with Nip. I got that; I got to see that on planet. I don’t need to do that again. I’d like to feel enlightenment with god.”

London goes on to tell that she is not closing the door totally and not be surprised if another love discovered her in her 50s, 60s, or 70s. Although, at 37, she proclaims, “I’m good.” She goes on to state that many connections are ego driven and unpure.

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