March 21, 2023

Lil Scrappy Reportedly Dating Erica Mena After Splitting With Wife Bambi

The ‘Money In The Bank’ Rapper’s Breakup From His Wife Will Reportedly Part Of The Storylines Of The New Season Of ‘Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta’ As He Has Reportedly Moved On With Safaree Samuels’ Estranged Wife.

The love story of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” cast is likely to get more complicated in the next season. Longtime cast member Lil Scrappy is rumored to have called it quits with his wife Bambi Benson and he has apparently found new love in their own cast mate.

According to Media Take Out, Scrappy and Bambi’s breakup will be part of storylines in the upcoming season of the VH1 series. While it’s unclear if they’re done for good or whether the pair are just taking a break in their relationship, they have fueled the split rumors as they have allegedly removed their couple pictures on Instagram and stopped following each other’s account.

In Season 10, Episode 25 of “,” a divorce rumor started by Momma Dee caused Scrappy to turn up on Bambi in Las Vegas.

While in Las Vegas for Spice’s Grammy nomination, Momma Dee told Shekinah that Scrappy filed for divorce from Bambi, and Shekinah relayed the message to Bambi.

Totally caught off guard by the news and visibly distraught, Bambi went to her room to call Scrappy to find out if there was any truth to the rumor.

Scrappy flipped the narrative and told her that her friends were being messy for telling her the rumor.

You’ll sit there and talk to them like they your friends and they telling you what’s going on, but them motherf***ers, they doing all that sh*t.

Making it messier, Scrappy is said to have moved on with Erica Mena, who has also been starring on the show with her estranged husband Safaree Samuels. It’s unknown when they started having romantic relationship, but the two looked close in a recent episode of the show.

In a clip, Erica was seen losing it after finding out about the paltry child support that her ex Safaree is paying. After hanging up the phone, she was sobbing while Scrappy, who was in the room, offered her some support by hugging her and lending her a shoulder to cry on.

Erica filed for divorce from Safaree in May 2021 after a tumultuous marriage. Their split has since turned nasty with Erica spilling what led to their split. “It’s obvious me, and Safaree will never be. I was in the hospital bed with this man’s son. That man didn’t care if I made it through pregnancy, that man didn’t care if I made it through that labor,” she said during an “LHH: Atlanta” reunion. “Like I had to drag myself out of that dark place.”

“With my first son, because I had to hustle so much, I sacrificed so much time away from my firstborn that I’m still trying to make it up to this day,” she added. “And this is stuff that I’ve confessed and been vulnerable with to him about that’s why it’s weird that he knows the traumatic experience of being a single mother once, and then he turns around and makes me a single mother twice.”

After being urged by their cast mates to respond, Safaree admitted, “I don’t even know how to start.”

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