February 5, 2023

Martin lawrence Remembers ‘living Single’ fans that Queen latifah & Kim fields’ Real-life Mothers Were Also their Moms on the Show

Living Soul gave us all the Bl’ack magic throughout its five-year run in the early-mid 90s.

The sitcom showcased an organization of working-class victorious people who navigated life and love by kneeling on one another.

While most are common with the popular cast led by Queen Latifah, several forget or are oblivious that Latifah’s mama, along with Kim Fields’ iconic actress mama, played their identities’ moms on the show.

Lawerence shared reposted a tweet on Twitter about Living Single stars real moms playing their mothers on the show.

“Not enough of a large deal is made that Kim Fields and Queen Latifah’s real mamas played they’re mothers on #LivingSingle. It’s a legendary Black past moment,” he composed.

She made her first TV arrival as Khadijah’s (Latifah) mother. The mother-daughter couple were partners in crime until Owens sadly passed away in 2018 after her effort with heart failure.

Fields’ mama, Laverne “Chip” Fields, has been in the business since the 1970s. She’s most-known as playing the ph’ysically and emotionally vi’cious mama to Janet Jackson on Good Times.

In one episode from season one, She Ain’t Heavy, She’s My Mother Khadijah James and Regine Hunter’s mamas reached to visit for Mother’s Day.

In another episode, “To Grandmother’s House We Go,” Khadijah and Regine send their mamas on a journey to the Bahamas for but while they’re gone they have to glance after Khadijah’s grandmother.

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