November 29, 2022

Meet The Single Dad Who Is His Daughter’s Personal Stylist, With Over One Million Instagram Followers. Is Inspiration For Single Dads Everywhere

A devoted father from Texas created an Instagram account to document his unique bond with his beautiful daughter. Asia, his five-year-old daughter, and Michael Worthington, 30, reside in Dallas. The father-daughter duo of Icemikeloveasia has more than a million followers on Instagram.

The mother of Michael and Asia divorced him more than two years ago. The father claims, though, that he made the most of his time with his daughter. On social media, Michael shares pictures of himself and his daughter having fun, eating, and dancing.

In one of the films, when Asia complains that her ankle hurts, Michael gives her a pedicure and kisses it.A video In which he instructs Asia on how to line the toilet seat with toilet paper when using the restroom has received more than 19,000 likes.

The majority of his images, though, depict Michael expertly braiding Asia’s hair or bunning it tightly. Michael hopes that by making these posts, young men would be inspired to spend time with their kids and be involved in all aspects of their lives.

Asia’s mother and I split up about two years ago, Michael said next to a rare photo of Asia with her two parents. There isn’t one, though. Lol. While I go about my business, she goes about hers. The moral of the story is that despite being apart from Asia,

I didn’t let that stop me from being a part of her life. I’m loved by Asia, and she’s loved by me much more. I won’t let anything or anyone prevent me from taking part. It grew through time as a result of my presence, engagement, parental commitment,

and best efforts to have a positive impact on her life. I receive texts from young men, possibly in high school, who want to start a family. They tell me they admire me and hope to one day be like me, and I encourage them to pay attention in class and have optimism. “Be serious about the goals you have in mind.”

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