December 2, 2022

Migos Rapper, Quavo Claims He Has A Stalker Who Keeps Popping Up Everywhere The Rapper Goes

Celebrities are just humans later all, but that does not stop few of their fans from tre’ating them like something more. Stans are a regular occurrence for few of the world’s huge stars all around the music, movie, and television. Nu’merous celebrities from Chris Brown, Ashanti, Mya,

Willow Smith, and others had been cau’ght in few scary issues with fans. Rapper Quavo is one of the recent to discover out just how crazy stan culture can get with his very own stan. A 2018 clip from a Migos show displays Quavo’s initial interaction with one lady who was trying to stage cra’sh.

The clip is literally shared to her page and is simply captioned “@QuavoHuncho.” In the video, you can see the women attempting to climb up to the front of the stage as Migos concert in the background. A security guard ran over to not to do this, but when Quavo realized what had took place,

he ran over and pulled her up to and embraced her and briefly danced with her. Friends in the comments said her, “I saw this shit somewhere else and did not get to know who u were! Kishhh.” Another lady starts making posts in 2020 asserting to be Quavo’s fiance.

In a post from March of that year, she shared a letter from Quavo mentioning a show cancelation. He announced he would not be throwing the third Annual Huncho Day on the Nawf due to the COVID-19 shutdowns going on that year.

In her caption, the lady said, “My fiancee’s event has canceled this year, so I wonder I will not be attending, but I will be there upcoming year with bells on.”

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