January 29, 2023

Mike Tyson Offers $10 Million To Any Man To Marry His Daughter! Reportedly

In February 2020, Mike Tyson viral up on the social media just in a night. A bizarre news report asserting that the boxing famous celebrity was offering $10 Million to random man willing to marry his daughter Mikey Lorna Tyson made the headline.

She born in 1990, Mikey Lorna Tyson is the 55-year-old’s first kid with his Ex-girlfriend, Kimberly Scarborough. Like Mikey is now 30 years old, according to reports Mike Tyson is up to a bizarre offer for his daughter’s marriage surrounded on the social media.

This part of news suddenly raised immense reactions on social media. Major national publications grab up on this and launched reports saying Mike Tyson’s $10 million offer. Although, this come out to be a lot of media failure and this was a just a result of irresponsible reports.

The report from inside launched by ‘Hit News’ goes vi’ral almost quickly. It did not take much time to took Mike Tyson’s attention. The boxing celebrity suddenly refused all of the ac’cusations and titled the report as “absolutely fa’lse”.

In reaction of, the youngest over weight winner published wa’rnings to the journalism publication cause for spreading fa’lse news. Soon later his wa’rning, the true news was apparently taken down. Although, by that time, numerous online journalista sources had actually v’iral the f’alse news.

On a Hotboxin’ podcast episode with Ex UFC champion Tyron Woodley, Mike Tyson told his words on what make him to go a out of further via all of his career. He told that he always watch out up to athletes who left and kept coming turned over those who never seen defeat.

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