January 29, 2023

Shanquella Robinson’s Mom Claims ‘Best Friend’ On Trip Came Visit Her Daily Until Autopsy Came Out

As additional details about her travelling companions come to light, Shanquella Robinson’s c*se continues to make headlines. These “friends,” who some have dubbed “the Cabo 6,” have become the ta*g’et of a witch hu’nt by social media users trying to ex’act re’venge

on Robinson’s family. Shanquella’s mother has also been very vocal, working hard to bring at’te’ntion to the orga’nisation and offer law enforcement the tools they need to ar*est them. One who had been seeing her after the trip was recently made public by her.


Shanquella’s distraught mother, Sallamondra Robinson, has been making a lot of effort to shed light on her daughter’s passing. With more than 28k followers right now, her Instagram account has been changed into a com’munity page. She has posted a variety of things,

from updates to memorials to Shanquella. Sallamondra has also dis closed on her platform which pals her daughter travelled to Mexico with. These details have included their whole names, addresses,

and phone numbers. Recently, she updated followers on their first Thanksgiving without Shanquella via the page. “Thanksgiving was difficult, depressing, and te*rful, but we made it through. But I am aware that you are always with us; I feel you, I dream of you,

and I always see the indications. Shanquella, you are in my heart forever and I love you. She has been ha*sh with them all and has made sure to single out Khalil Cooke, Shanquella’s “best buddy,” in addition to everyone else. In an interview with CBS News,

Sallamondra explains that the pals were quite en couraging before news of Shanquella’s aut*psy br*ke and even paid her a visit. Khalil in particular had apparently travelled with the family in the past and was quite close to them.

She affirms that he can pass by her house multiple times to show sup’port before ab*up’tly stopping when the truth is revealed. Together, they att’ended college. Her best friend was going to be one of the gu’ys. He had accompanied us on family vacations.

She claimed that she never imagined that he would be so despicable as to ha*m her daughter. Fans pointed out that Khalil also shared a photo “mourning” Shanquella after she passed away in the comments section. “This is the same individual

who fa*ed mourning her de*th by posting a picture on social media and then had the gall to visit and spend days with her family while being aware of what truly transpired and remaining silent. Just look at him,” they said, showing Shaquella and her mother a new picture of him.

Many are anxi’ously awaiting developments in this case to see if other people will be held accountable now that Daejhanae is in detention.

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